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writing, photography, esoterica

My name is Vicky Vladic and I love writing about vampires, tarot, witchcraft and cookery.

I have a PhD in Film, Jungian Psychology and Witchcraft.

I am the author of The Dracula Tarot
a book and deck set
based on Bram Stoker’s novel Dracula.
Illustrated by artist Anna Gerraty.

I love creating my own recipes

which I publish on my blog


I am currently writing two cookbooks
including a cupcake cookbook
with artist and cartoonist Anne Belov.

You can see some of our recipes at
They Draw & Cook.

I'm also a keen amateur photographer
with a passion for nature photography,
food and still life photography,
architectural photography and anything gothic.

You can view my photographic portfolio at vsomething.

I'm committed to animal welfare and sponsor
red pandas, giant pandas and puffins.
Please visit these sites if you are interested.

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